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    Teaching Topics

Pushing Past The Pain
The expectations of life provide a measure of unexpected disappointments. In Pushing Past the Pain, Phyllis teaches how to not react to what is being done to us, but to embrace what is being done in us.

Woman, Wife, Mother  Who’s On First?
This study deals with how the dreams of every little girl can turn into anything but beautiful when perspective is lost in the process of growth. Phyllis helps us to repair the bridge between childhood and womanhood and  understand the importance of  not  skipping the first base of being female.

Hello! Who’s Home In Your Temple?
Knock , Knock who’s there is the question. How we answer is determined by who answers the door to our heart. Who lives in your temple and are they in the right house? In this study we ask the hard questions to get the right answers.

Favorite Retreat Topic

  Child of God Find Your Spot
Psalm 91 is the reference for this dynamic teaching on knowing the value of being in God’s will for our lives. How do we know that where we find ourselves, is where we are called to be and walk out the fullness of purpose. In this retreat time, we learn how significant  it  is for us to find our spot!

Additional teaching and retreat topics are available and can be tailored for any  group or event.